Technologically advanced waterproof vinyl flooring

Whether you live in a 3-floor cottage or studio loft, you're most likely hunting for floors that can handle everything from heavy foot traffic to abrasions, scuffs to food spills. They're floors after all, and they should be durable while being current and stylish, right? Well, if an aesthetic appeal, easy upkeep, and sustainability are at the top of your list for must-haves, then waterproof vinyl would make an excellent choice for your renovation. High quality, functional, and budget-friendly, let's go over the main benefits of adding this installation to your home.

It's not just waterproof –it's dirt and stain-proof too!

Do kids and pets run amok in your household? If so, then dirt and stains may be a big issue for you. However, with waterproof vinyl, you'll have a lot less mess to worry about. The best part is they're not only dirt and stain-resistant, but they're also durable and easily last decades.

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Easy to clean, super simple to maintain

Because of its hard-wearing protective coating, vinyl flooring is very easy to clean and super simple to maintain. All that's needed to keep floors clean is just a few minutes of regular sweeping and mopping on occasion. There's no need to be concerned about your lovely floors getting ruined by grease, soil or dust.

Versatile flooring that's incredibly stylish

While homes of yesteryear were often covered in wall-to-wall wood, you can break away from those traditional looks with a modern, technologically advanced alternative. Versatile and stylish beyond compare, you can still get that hardwood design with waterproof vinyl in many lookalike design options.

Underfoot comfort for your family

Do we now know waterproof vinyl is stylish and durable but is it comfortable? The answer is yes, as it is a surprisingly cushioned flooring option. For those that deal with back, hip, leg, and foot pain, your body will certainly feel the difference.
Luxury carpet in Sebastian, FL from Father & Sons Carpet

An eco-conscious, budget friendly solution

For homeowners who are deterred by the sometimes-high cost of exotic wood or simply prefer an eco-friendlier solution for their renovation, luxury vinyl is indeed an excellent choice. Flooring that is truly a technological marvel, it requires less material to manufacture planks. Less material makes for a more sustainable product –that's equally eye-catching!

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