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Save your soft surfacing with modern carpet repair

Is your carpet showing signs of aging? Does it have stains that just won't come out no matter how hard you scrub your flooring? Are the seams or edges becoming more and more noticeable? Is unsightly buckling or fraying making you think it's time for a new installation? While you could certainly choose up-to-date carpeting for your room, there may also be another answer to your problem. A carpet repair provider may be able to solve your soft surfacing woes, depending on the issue. If any of the above conditions are a concern for you, then read on to find out more about how modern carpet repairs can quite possibly save your fiber flooring.

Save a substantial amount of money

As you can imagine, the amount of money you'll save with a carpet repair provider versus a new, full installation is indeed quite substantial. Repairing one damaged area or various small problematic sections –issues like buckling, noticeable seams, holes, burn marks, and stains, for instance –is simply less expensive.



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Father and Sons is proud to offer cleaning services for almost every room in your home. We even clean shower tile! With easy scheduling, no-hassle pricing and over 30 years of experience there's no reason to look any further than Father and Sons for expert floor cleaning in Indian River County!

Prolong the lifespan of your current flooring

If you were to address problematic issues as they appear, having them repaired immediately, then it would prolong the lifespan of your soft surfacing. For example, let's take a problem like buckling. Many homeowners often put off fixing buckled carpeting because the wrinkles start as something minor that can be ignored. But over time, and rather quickly too, these wrinkles become more and more of a tripping hazard. With this increase in wrinkles, it also creates trouble when it comes to vacuuming, something that can cause rips and holes in loose material. However, hiring repair specialists can maximize the life of your fibers, as carpets can be re-stretched and secured in place once more.


Before you start shopping for a new sofa consider having it professionally cleaned. Sofas and loveseats, recliners and arm chairs can last for decades but the truth is many people wind up buying expensive new furniture because they think their old piece is beyond help. Professional cleaning can restore your favorite chair or sofa to nearly new. Our customers are continually amazed at the difference professional upholstery cleaning can make in their homes. We can remove dirt build-up and tough stains including pet stains and leave your furniture clean, fresh and odor-free.
Cleaning repairs in Vero Beach, FL from Father & Sons Carpet

It's nearly impossible to notice a professional repair job

With extensive experience and knowledge repairing soft surfacing, there's a very good reason why a professional repair job is nearly impossible to notice! If you don't have any leftover fibers from your original installation, then don't worry too much, the experts normally have access to a vast array of premium grade carpeting. They can find fibers that match very closely to your installation. Your guests will be none the wiser, unable to tell your flooring was repaired!

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Think a carpet repair store might be the answer to your soft surfacing problems? Then give us a call at Father & Sons Carpet, or drop by our Vero Beach, FL showroom and speak to our on-site flooring professionals. Servicing the Northern Lucy County, South Brevard County, Indian River County, Sebastian, and Vero Beach, FL regions, our knowledgeable experts would be more than happy to guide you towards the soft or hard surfacing that would best suit your home renovation.