Top flooring trends for 2017

Top flooring trends for 2017

You don’t want your flooring to be outdated, but not everyone knows what types of flooring are “in” and which ones are not. The best thing to do is to choose flooring that will be in style now and stay in style over the flooring’s lifetime.

Unlike fashion trends, flooring trends are slower to change. In this day and age flooring trends often change due to new advances in technology. Check out some of the highlights of the top flooring trends for 2017.

  • Wood Look – Whether you go with natural wood or other flooring types that resemble wood, this trend always seems to be in style. This includes tile, laminate, and vinyl options that have a wood-like appearance.
  • Wide Planks – Technology has made longer and wider planks more readily available and they are growing in popularity for flooring.
  • Color Trends – In 2017, the most popular colored wood flooring option was gray, followed by blonde and dark. Neutral, predictable flooring seems to be on its way out.
  • Bamboo – This flooring option has been popular for a long time, but is now available in a variety of styles and colors.
  • Tile – New trends in tile flooring include larger sizes as well as interesting shapes and patterns.
  • Luxury Vinyl – This isn’t the peel and stick vinyl that was popular many moons ago. Luxury vinyl is a relatively new flooring category that is durable and has a great look. The Engineered Luxury Vinyl plank segment is one of the fastest-growing in the flooring industry.

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