There has been much discussion recently about certain chemical emissions from wood laminate flooring. While chemicals such as formaldehyde are found in many consumer products, formaldehyde emissions can vary depending upon the manufacturing method.

One of the reasons Father and Sons has aligned with Mohawk Flooring is their extensive line of USA made products. In the domestic manufacturing of laminates, the hot press method used here is superior to the cold press method used in other countries when it comes to formaldehyde emissions. Additionally, Mohawk is an industry leader in CARB (California Air Resources Board) approved products. This means that Mohawk flooring products stand up to the strongest set of air quality guidelines in the country, ensuring that your home is safe from the chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

Many of Mohawk Flooring laminates are rated for both residential and commercial applications. If you’re looking for a durable floor that will stand up to kids, pets, workspaces and more, think Mohawk laminate flooring.