Have you ever wondered why you get black lines on the carpeting around your furniture and along your walls? Well the number one reason is the burning of candles in the home. Back in the late eighties and early nineties the insurance industry classified this as “dirty air syndrome”. Of course, when they realized where the problem was coming from they stopped paying claims on the issue. Smoke from the candle rises into the air creating sooty deposits that are circulated through the vent system. As the deposits are forced out of the vent they hit walls and furniture, dropping and settling at the base of furniture and walls. Over time this builds up and leaves an oily residue that almost never comes out completely during the carpet cleaning process. I was recently called out to a home that was over 20 years old and just recently installed a new air conditioning system. The new system was much more powerful and when it was turned on it blew black residue built up from years of candle burning all over the furniture. Everything in the home was covered and ruined. The only solution, if you’re a candle lover, is to purchase smokeless candles. Don’t give up the ambiance just the smoke!