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Luxury Vinyl Plank in Indian River County, FL

With luxury vinyl plank, your Indian River County, FL home gets the beautiful aesthetic of classic floorings like wood or tile in an affordable and waterproof alternative. At Father and Sons Carpet and Tile LLC, we pride ourselves on offering and installing high-quality flooring options from brands like Mohawk who are trusted for their exceptional products. Luxury vinyl flooring maintains a stunning mimicked appearance while offering price-friendly advantages like scuff and wear resistance, as well as being waterproof. With luxury vinyl plank flooring, you also gain enhanced durability with its high-density core. Households with kids and pets find this flooring beneficial to stand up to daily spills and traffic. The most popular designs include wood and tile, and our team of flooring experts will install it for a flawless look.

vinyl wood-like flooring

Mohawk Luxury Vinyl Plank Design Options

The advantages of luxury vinyl plank, as stated previously, show how wise of an investment it is for families and homeowners looking for durable, easy-care flooring. While home improvement investors can find a variety of different designs for vinyl planks, the two most popular options are wood and tile. Considering the average thickness of a luxury vinyl plank, measuring at about 8 millimeters, along with the high-density core, you get similar strength and dimensions from this affordable material on top of the appearance. Read below about the wood and tile designs:

Wood-Designed Vinyl Plank

Luxury vinyl flooring perfectly mimics the natural beauty and warmth of hardwood, including the texture and grain design. You can find these planks with the appearance of traditional hardwood options like blonde maple, oak, and pine.

Tile-Designed Vinyl Plank

Get the detailed aesthetic of various stone designs complete with true-to-life texture. The color and meticulous design can mimic the gentle appearance of smooth stone-like concrete or granite while heavier embossing creates the look of rougher or cleft stone.

Find a Design to Fit Your Home’s Ambiance

Make sure you get the look you love with Father and Sons Carpet and Tile LLC’s luxury vinyl plank options for Indian River County, FL homes. Our services go beyond installation! As full-service flooring professionals, we help to protect your investment with services to maintain it for years of enduring foot traffic and food fights while keeping its stellar appearance. You can call us today to find out more about the design options we have available.

Find a Flooring Option to Complement Your Home