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Indian River County, FL’s Customizable Laminate Flooring

For a beautiful floor at a lower cost without sacrificing durability, residents throughout Indian River County, FL have laminate flooring as an option from Father and Sons Carpet and Tile LLC. Our inventory of laminate flooring comes from Mohawk, a truly remarkable brand of products that define optimal appearance and quality. If you desire the look of hardwood or stone in your home but want easy care and a better price point, then laminate provides a wide array of options. This flooring delivers an astounding replication of different woods and materials to complement your interior spaces’ decorative style. The quality installations we perform ensure your laminate flooring’s long-lasting beauty and performance.

laminate wood flooring in bedroom

Get the Look You Want with Mohawk Laminate

Mohawk’s laminate flooring designs take their inspiration from nature while providing functionality and beauty. Mohawk laminate flooring carefully mimics a variety of materials, taking on naturally occurring patterns and meticulously replicating hues and color tones found in natural wood and stone. When you compare laminate flooring to other surfaces for hard flooring, it’s a durable, low-maintenance, and affordable option for your home. With our water-resistant laminate products, the benefits keep growing. We offer the following laminate options:

Hardwood Looks

With laminate from Mohawk, they emulate a variety of different woods, including apple and walnut. You might desire a rustic appearance, a classic traditional look, or a sleek, sophisticated finish. These hardwood looks give you the ability to personalize your flooring. Find options in one-, two-, or three-strip planks, and get a smooth or textured finish.

Tile Looks

These laminate options from Mohawk mimic the appearance of natural stone tiles or stained concrete tiles. You can have the natural beauty of stone tile in an affordable alternative that’s easy to care for. It’s also resistant to stains, wear, and sunlight fading.

GenuEdge™ Technology

This outstanding technology for the manufacturing process provides unmatched realism to hardwood laminates from Mohawk. It has a particularly superior effect on embossed styles. The overlay design also aids in preventing dirt buildup that tends to happen with wide-bevel laminates.

ScratchGuard™ Advanced Finish Protection

Your floor stays looking newer for longer with Scratchguard™ protecting it from the dirt and dust that can put tiny scratches in it. Over time, these tiny scratches can dull your floor. Scratchguard™ technology also helps to increase the life of your laminate floor and keep its shine even in high-traffic areas.

Contact Us for Affordable Natural Beauty

Father and Sons Carpet and Tile LLC has helped countless homeowners throughout Indian River County, FL with laminate flooring installations. Our wide variety of colors and designs is sure to satisfy your domestic ambiance needs. Since we believe that quality has no substitute, your installation will always measure up to our high standards and your expectations for a home investment. Give us a call today to discuss your flooring needs and peruse our assortment of laminate options.

Find a Flooring Option to Complement Your Home