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damaged wood floor
Making the decision to have new flooring installed in your home is a great choice, but unfortunately, you can’t just have the new flooring put in on top of your old flooring. There are quite a few steps that need to take place to prepare for your new flooring to be installed. While you could leave these to the professionals, you can also try doing some yourself if you want to streamline the process.

Here are some steps you’ll want to take before your flooring professionals arrive to install your new flooring:

  • Remove all breakable items from the rooms
  • Discuss who will remove furniture and appliances and if the subfloor needs to be removed
  • Remove items from closets and storage areas where the new flooring will be installed
  • Remove wall hangings and pictures from walls as well as drapes from windows
  • Clean all floors properly and be sure to dust

Once these basic tasks have been performed you’ll be ready for the professionals to come in and take it from there. The next steps are to remove the baseboards and doors. If you plan on doing it yourself there are plenty of sources that can teach you how to remove your baseboards. This needs to be done before the installation of carpet, hardwood, and other flooring options.

Father & Sons Carpet is your source for high-performance flooring products in Vero Beach, Florida. We are proud to work with our homeowners to find out what is most important to you so we can guide and educate you toward the products and pricing that match your needs. Give us a call today at 772-569-5457 to learn more.

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