In a word- no. These are gimmicks often used by large retailers like Empire Flooring to get in the door. Once they are in your home they know that if they leave without a sale they’re chances of earning your business are going to dwindle considerably. Also, once they are in your home those 3 “free” rooms of carpet turn out to be anything but free when you discover that their price for padding and labor is triple what it should be. Here’s a test if you really want to see how these companies do business: sit back and wait after they come and measure. Tell them you’ll think about it and let them leave. See how long it takes to call you back and offer you a different price.

Buying flooring for your home shouldn’t be a car dealership style negotiation. Father and Sons will always give you our best price for carpet, padding AND installation period. That’s our personal guarantee. Our installers work directly for us and have for years. Most of the time these kinds of gimmicks simply hide or bury the real cost somewhere in the padding. If you go to a big box store and try to buy carpet off the roll to get their free or cheap installation without buying the padding you will likely find that they won’t sell it that way- that’s because the installation cost is really covered by the price of the padding.

Bottom line? Don’t fall for the big box or national chain gimmicks. Father and Sons is your LOCAL flooring expert, family-owned and operated for over 30 years. Our installers work directly for us and we guarantee their work.