Why would you pay a flooring company to give you an estimate on your flooring? Think about it: you took the time to go into their establishment, shop for a flooring product and potentially offer them your business. Additionally, you’re looking for a total price so you can make an educated decision. Unless you have the knowledge and skills to measure and lay out a carpeting, tile or hardwood flooring job, estimate all the materials needed and calculate labor costs, you will need a flooring professional to do these things for you. After all, that’s probably why you went there to talk to a flooring specialist in the first place! By paying for an estimate you are essentially paying for what should be included in the total price anyway.

Big Box stores are charging around $45 to provide an estimate. Why? It’s simple. Market studies show that 80 percent of all customers start their flooring and carpeting search with a large retailer or national chain but, on average, only 16 percent will actually purchase from those stores. If you think about those numbers it’s not difficult to conclude that the “estimate business” is a profitable business for these retailers.

Don’t play the estimate game. Get the service and pricing you deserve. If a flooring center really wants your business they should be more than happy to give you an estimate free of charge.