Many homeowners believe that carpeting can be a health hazard, especially to allergy sufferers, and often rush to replace it with tile or wood. But according to a recent study by the Germany Asthma and Allergy Foundation (DAAB), this not necessarily the case. In fact, the study which looked at the content of in the air over smooth floors in 186 rooms and over carpet in 104 rooms, found that the indoor air in the carpeted rooms contained less than half the amount of fine particulate dust in rooms with smooth floors.

Dust levels over smooth floors were found to be higher than the recommended European standard and the study concluded, along with similar independent industry research, that indoor air quality is better in carpeted rooms. The vertical pile of carpet plays an important role in filtering indoor air because it can hold many times its weight in small particles of soil, dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens. Your carpeting is actually trapping potentially unhealthy particles that would otherwise be circulating in the indoor air you and your family breathes.

If you have carpet in your home be sure to have it steam cleaned on a regular basis to remove the trapped particles and keep your indoor air fresh and healthy!